Household hints for the early 21st century
Aunt Daisy and Umbrellas

#3. When searching your bag for your train ticket try not to inadvertently lance the person in front of you with your umbrella. As it happens they don’t like it.

I still don’t know how that happened; suffice to say there were a few angry words flying about amidst my resolve to buy a smaller brolly.

One of the inspirations in my life and certainly this little blog is The Aunt Daisy Cookbook with Household Hints. I come from New Zealand where Aunt Daisy is somewhat of an institution, a pillar of the establishment and a friend in times of need. As a child I spent countless hours studying her recipes and household hints which were to me not far off the meaning of life. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t an odd child. It took some years to realise that ‘Aunt Daisy’ wasn’t actually related to me but by that time I had already forged a deep and meaningful relationship with the lady who could polish silver with a scrap of cooking foil and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Aunt Daisy saw New Zealand through some of it’s hardest times. When there was no cream for the Victoria sponge she turned our butter and sugar into ‘Mock Cream’. When the country ran out of egg whites she gave us milk and oil. When the canons were to the right of us and the canons were to the left of us she came shining through with a Never-Fail Pavlova or a Sure-to-Rise 6 egg Sponge.

2010 sees the 22nd reprint of this iconic recipe book. Time to get my apron back on and make Aunty proud.

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